10 Years Old

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I smile when I unwrap birthday presents. I smile when I get tickled. I smile when I laugh.

I went to a store and bought a balloon that says Happy Mother Day, and some flowers. Later on, we had Mother's day dinner with some of my relatives. The day before Saturday, we had a steakout. It was fun. We also went to a Museum for my cousins birthday party! We got to see fossils and gems of all sorts. We got to eat cake and before we left we bought a few souvenirs.

If I was the President, I would check on the mayor, take some trips around the world, get married, and check to make sure everything okay.

If I was the school president, I would be nice to the good kids and mean to the really bad kids like the principal.

If I was an adult, I would get a job, get married, have children, and my job would be to work at a grocery store.

In the first two weeks of school, I learned about peanuts.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Washington, because I would like to say hi to the president and look around in the Whitehouse.

Once upon a time, there lived three friends who's names are Gustavo, Matthew, and Reco. They all liked to have fun, but they liked to have fun too much! They got in trouble alot.

This past weekend, I stayed at my dad's house. My mommom had her birthday party on Sunday. On Friday, I spent the night at my cousins house. I had alot of fun.

A-Alycat B-Bear C-Crocodile D-Dog E-Elephant F-Frog G-Gopher H-Hen I-Iguana J-Jellyfish K-Kangaroo L-Lion M-Monkey N- O-Occopus P-Prymanus Q- R-Reptile S-Shark T-Tyrannosaurus rex U-Unicorn V-Vulture W-Woodchuck Y-Yak Z-Zebra

"There will be a storm coming!" said Ian. "Well let's get ready for the storm!" said Jason. They unplugged and turned off every electric thing. "Out electricity will go out when the storm starts!" said Jason. "I'm afraid of thunder!" said Jason.

"Don't worry, I'll call my mommom.... It's dead, the telephone line is dead!"

"This is some night to have." said Jason. Boom! "Did you hear that. That, that sound!" said Jason. "We don't have a basement!" said Ian. "Let's go downstair." said Ian. Boom! "aaaaaaaaaaagh" "It was just a dream!" said Jason's mom.

I worry about my family because my stepdad passed out last year. It was very sad. I used wrestle with him, it was very fun. He used to help me do some stuff. I miss him a lot.

It is the year 5000, when they start making new technology, using robots, flying cars, hovering motorcycles, computers that have an I.Q. of 999,999. I just wanted to see what happens in the future and now I know.

The hardest thing I ever had to do was to try to ignore the kids that made fun of me, because there was nothing harder. I have been made fun of since 3rd grade. It has stopped since 5th grade.

If I could talk to an animal, I would talk to a mother fox. I would ask her why fox eat chicken, and why can't they eat something.

If I could be the teacher in this class, I would be the nicest.

On the first day of school this year, I was very excited. I thought fifth grade was hard at first, but it is easy so far. I never knew we'd get so much homework, althought the homework is easy.

In the past few weeks, I learned nothing knew what so ever. I already learned about peanuts, division, multiplication, addition, subtracting, and rounding. I already learned all of that.

I feel happy about having little because, I get to claim the good stuff and that I get to loss them around. I am not happy because there are always arguements about who's turn it is, and that my brothers break all of my stuff.

This weekend, I did my biography and spent the night at my mommom's house to play with my cousin, Frankis, who is 15 years old.

If I could be any character on TV, I would be nobody because I like being myself.

I like to spend time with my family because a lot of times I don't get to see certain family member. Sometimes, I like it when I go to the movies.

My life would be perfect if I was strong. My life would be perfect if I did't quit karate. My life would be perfect if I wasn't ugly. My life would be perfect if I did't need glasses. My life would be perfect if I smarter. My life would be perfect if I studied harder. My life would be perfect if I did't fool around in school.

I love doing chores because I get alot of money sometimes. I always take the trash out. I usually clean the table after dinner. I also had to help my parents clean the flooded basement on Hurricane Floid.

Today, I feel tired because I got up early. I feel sad because the weekend is over. I feel happy because school is not hard.

What I like to do most is play videogames and listen to music at the same time. As soon as I get home from school, I work on my homework as fast as I can so I can play. Usually, when I am at my house, I ride my bike around the neighborhood a few times. My favorite music is rock'n'roll. Sometimes, I go to my friend's house and play in the woods behind his house. Some peole thnk it is weird that I like school. My favore subject is math. My favorite color is blue. My favorite teacher is Mr. Brustcker, from 4rth grade. Mrs. Chapman is just as nice as Mr. B. Mr. B is his nickname.

If snow was hot, then I would be extremely mad because then I would not be able to go outside when it snows. I like snow because it's fun to play in. I would not like snow if it isn't fun to play in.

If my wishes could come true, I would have all the videogames and boardgames in the world! I would be the richest kid on Earth! I would have my most favorite things to eat every night. I would even have no enemies what so ever. I would be the strongest living thing in the whale entire universe!

I can use a wastepaper basket as a helmet, basketball hoop, a head to a robot, and to sit on on, ear muffs, shoes, shields, gloves, to put video systems in, a bowl of cereal, make cake in, a lid, a drum, to cook food in, to pop popcorn to boil water, skateboard, collecting box, voting ballet, flower pot, hat, a box, a pow, container, crate, a boot, horder, a big cup, hockey puck, a sign, fish tank, to put a prog in, candy holder, fly holder, tissue holder, clothes holder, penlil holder, binder holder, masker holder, pen holder, to throw up in, bucket of water

I wish school was not in existince. I wist my dad could teach me things at home so I won't need to ride a bus to or from school and so I could play with my friends during recess. Also, so I can play with my toys, games, etc.

Today I feel great, because it is snowing outside! I also feel tired, because I stayed up late last night. I am also hungry today.

If my friend told me he had a gun, I would immediately call 911 and tell his parents. Then I would run home.

Once upon a time, there lived a kid that was different from the others. The other kids make fun of him when he was little, but as he grew up, he started to look like the others and then they learned their lesson. Everybody lived happily ever after!

My home as the best place to be. I have my games toys etc. in my house. My home is in a neigborhood with a lot of kids to play with. My home has all my special properies. It has my gameboy, N64, TV, and computer. It is my home in which I live in.

My weekend was great. Nothing special happened. I just got new boardgames and codes to a game. It wasn't that exciting. I also, finally got an animal book. It was on the Bald Eagle. It is a good book that tells all about eagles.

Let spring begin by making the snow and frost melt. Let it begin by watering plants. Let it begin on a nice day. Let it begin by 8:31 in the morning. Let it begin by nice weat her. Let it begin today. Let it begin by planting tree. Let it begin by green leaves.

If the power went out one night and I was hame alone, then I would call my dad, friends, or mom. I might just go to my friends house. I could also go to Julie's house (friend of mom's).

If I would be chosen to live on the moon. I would trake a bike, a TV, a N64 or Playstation, and a scooter. I would bring a bike, because when I ride it on the moon it would his a bump and fly in the air or I could do a bunny hop and flying the air. I would bring a TV and a videosystem, so I could play games. I would bring a scooter, because when I hit a bump, I'll fly in the air and I would be able to do a hard trick due to the gravity.

I could say their shoe is untied. I could say I last my bookbag. I could say I brought PS games to my house and last them. I could say I would throw up. I could say I broke my glasses.

If I could be any age, I would be the age I am now, because I like my age.

Friday is the best day of the week, because I go to school and then have family night.

On the first two days of spring break, I was with my family and we went easter egg hunting. On the next three days, my causin, Frankie, stayed over and we played my new videogame non-stop until Frankie left. On Thurs., I went to my friend's house, but he was at a relative's house for a few days. I went out to play with my othey friends the next day. On Wed., I went to see the movie called Spy Kids. On Sat., I went out to play with my friends. Finally, Jason was home and I went over so we could play some games. Around 8:00 am Sun., I watched TV until 10:00. Then, I read "Harry Potter" for an hour and went to sleep.

The most trouble I ever got into was went I yelled at my brother and got punished for a month.

This summer, I will have alot of fun and I will have another bike race, like last summer. I am not going anywhere this summer. I might go swimming.

It is important for me to get good grades, so I can get a treat, so I can pass to the next grace, and so I don't get punished.

I had a birthday party and I got a new bookbag, binder, 4 x 4 remote control truck, and air pressure airplane, WWF game, a cap gun, 50 dollars, and a special stereo sound speaker and a rumbe pack for gameboy.

Once there was an old bird who was really a peroon that was cursed, the got cursed by a mysterious ghost.

I learned how to ride a bike from my mom. I learned that you have to practice to go get balanced on the bike. I always wear a helmet.

If I had a twin, I would have somebody to play with.

If I was stranded at Disney World, I would work there to get money and eat there and rent a hotel and get on all the rides.

I would like to be Harry Potter, because he lives in a wizard world. I would like to be a wizard.

I am glad to know Jason, because I know he lives in my neighborhood and lives right down the street. He is my friend and without him, I would have nothing to do.

During the weekend, I rented 2 games and a movie. The games were called Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 and Driver 2. They were really fun. The movie was called The Kid. It was a good movie. Mostly, all I did was play videogames.

Once upon a time, there lived a frog who got sick one day. He got so sick that somehow he was able to speak human language. He called for help and a kid came by and took his to the animal hospital. Then the frog and the kid lived happily ever after.

I would like to learn more about computers, because I was going to be a computer genius when I grow up.

My hands help me eat and play videogames. My hands help me write, pick things up, push things and pull things. Also, feel things.

You should try sky diving, because it feels so good when the air blows into your face. It is alot better than bunjy jumping, because you are alot higher when you are sky diving.

I would want Al Gore for president, because my mom says that he would be a good president. There is no other reason why I would elect Al Gore.

I say "I love you" to them every day and I make them presento. I do extra chores and help them around the house. I also help them dust the house and vacuum.

I am thankful for all the polite things people do for me. I am thankful for presents and gifts that I got from my relatives and friends. I am thankful for having good parents. I am thankful for having good freind. I am mostly thankful for a life.

"I am sleeping in a haunted house? I can't beleive I am doing this! This place is really scary! When I wake up, I hope everything will be fine."... "aaaaaaagh!" There is an invisible ghost throwing books at me! "I am getting out of here!" "Booo!" "Go away!" I finally got home!

I remember I used to get in trouble alot in first grade. I was really stupid back then.

The hardest thing to is the s.s. test, because it is hard to learn all the 50 states and capitals. Even though I study very hard, I still can't remember the states and capitals I went over. Social Studies is the worst subject in the world!

I would change the way the teachers teach us. I would make the teachers teach us in a fun was. I would change the really of the school. I would be aloud to talk in the hallway. I would be aloud to get a drink or go to the bathroom whenever I want. I would be able to do my homework at school. I would play with anything I want. I would be able to bring a CD player and listen to whatever I want. I would be able to bring my gameboy to school. I would be able to bring my N64 in to play with 4 people. I would watch rated R movies. I would bring in my UNO Attack boardgame. I would always have straight A's. I would go up to the next grade no matter how good or bad my grades are. I would be able to listen to my music while I am doing work.

If I had a million dollars, I would save my money and go to college. I also would go on another trip to Disney World and go on the Disney Wonder. I also might buy some boardgames and videogames, or a PS2. Also, I could go out and buy some CDs to listen to.

There once lived a red snowman who was named Jack frost. Whenever the kids put a magician's hat on Jack frost, he would somehow come to live. Jack frost would sing and dance - whenever it got hot, he started melting, so he stays out of the sun and stays away from fire. One day, one of the children got really cold in a snowstorm. Jack frost fould a flower store and let the girl warm up inside.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I had some Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some carrots.

When I get a car, I will get a job and get alot of money. I might buy my own house. I know I am going to college. The type of car I want to get is a Toyota.

Once upon a time, there lived a monster named Mike. He had no friend, because he was big and everybody was afraid of him. On Christmas, he was the only one who didn't get any Christmas presents. One day, when Mike was a sleep, he heard something, but went right back to sleep. When he woke up, he saw tons of presents all around him.

If it could rain anything, I would want it to rain food, so that poor people would have something to eat and would't have to buy food and would't have to get a job.

Yes, I do thing it is acceptable, because 6 ore would win the election and would get to live in the Whitehouse. I am surprised of what they said on the news and how they said it.

The best present I have ever gotten was the 4th Harry Potter book, because it is the best book in the world. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is about a boy named Harry. Harry is a wizard that is being lived to the evil Voltemort that tried to kill Harry 10 years ago, but never did kill Harry. Now Voltemort will try to kill him again. It is a good book.

My most favorite part about winter break was that I got to open my presents early and I went on a trip to Obando and went to Disney World. My most favorite ride was the Aerosmith rock 'n roller coaster! It was like rideing a superstrecch limo that went really fast! It also was my first ride that wont upsidedown! The scariest ride I went on was The Tower of Terror! It is an elevator that has seats and straps to sit in.

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