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My name is Ian Hall. I had a aneurysm on my brain - 5/21/13. My arm, my leg, and my foot are half. I am 28 years old - 1/9/1990. Botox is working, but probably in 1 year - and then surgery, for my arm. It's not good, but I'm hanging on.

My stepdad, Jeff, is dead - Jan. 2000.

Dad, or Dan, is dead - I don't know the date, but it was probably 2003. I have a poem of that: A Car

All of my memory is gone. Bryn Mawr, over 6 month, I was in the hospital. Talking is really difficult to talk.

I had therapy every three days, starting with Speech, then lunch, then Arm, Leg, and Five Crowns, sometimes random. Sometimes, I go out (and 1 female) to lunch. It was great. It's ending on 2015/04/22.

I have a hard time with us, especially Terraria. I did a lot of Terraria coding as well, but now I have to learn again. I also changed it to Surfpup, so that way, you can play the new one and the old one, but at the time, you need Steam first to play.

My arm is not really good. I have Botox on my arm, then therapy next, then Botox again... I'm walking fine, but it's slow, I can't run anymore.

10-13 Year Old

Dot Hack G.U. Rambling

- 3/18/2015

2014-05-07 - Phone Number

In the Fridge - 8/25/2014
Arm - 4/22/2015

Dr. Friedman - Botox, for my arm: Feb. 19, 11 am
Baclofen, for my arm - Link

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